Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Critique of a Digital Painting

Untitled Digital Painting

I am told that the job of an artist is to make years of practice and experience look effortless; whether that be a ballerina pirouetting delicately across a stage or a poet playing with his words. I’m not sure that is true, but surely that artist would look at whatever you do and think you make it look easy too. It's practice, knowledge and certainty that makes it look effortless even though it is far from so. Watch a beginner artist like me and you'll learn a very different picture of things!

I am interested in your opinion of this statement and whether my work meets that goal.  In other words, I would like you to critique my work.  This is a “Digital Painting”.  It is composed of several layers of color and image in Photoshop.  I am not telling you a title because I think it may influence you.  

In asking you to do a critique, I am asking for a means to grow my abilities.  An art critique allows the artist to understand their influence over their audience. It also allows the audience/viewer to gain a better understanding of that artists' work. (For example you could discover how the artist is linked to that painting). It is also a spur to deciding what you really think is the meaning, even through disagreement with the critic.

Remember, there are no incorrect descriptions when you critique artwork. Your goal is not to say whether or not the art is good, but rather to impart as best you can the visceral response the artwork incites.

Say how this piece comes across to you:
  • What do you think could be done better?
  • Why didn't the artist do it that way?
  • How is this picture unique in its composition?
  • What have you gained through examining this picture?  
Please make your critique in the comments section.  If you are interested in sharing your own work, please let me know. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Discussion at Georgia Galleria

How I learned to love the Blog

It's kind of hard to start blogging.  To me it is like writing in your diary and then letting your mother read it.  What should I say?  What shouldn't I say?  It has immobilized me these last weeks, but I decided, "SCR.. IT", I'll just start!  (See I took the word screw out because I was afraid you wouldn't approve.)  Oh, well, I'll just start.

Discussion at Georgia Galleria

The other night I lead a small discussion about my work at Georgia Galleria in Vallejo.  The point of the talk was what was going through my head when I painted a piece called "The Election".  I started it before election night, and, as results came in, it got darker and darker.  I knew it couldn't stay s.... brown, so I worked it to a livable shade of purple with some light that offered hope.  The discussion moved on to whether I plan my work in advance (I don't), and whether I pay attention to composition and color (I do).  The evening was gratifying that others were interested in my work.

My thoughts on the election

election abstract painting pat calabro
Election  36"x40" (acrylic on canvas)