Sunday, February 12, 2017

Discussion at Georgia Galleria

How I learned to love the Blog

It's kind of hard to start blogging.  To me it is like writing in your diary and then letting your mother read it.  What should I say?  What shouldn't I say?  It has immobilized me these last weeks, but I decided, "SCR.. IT", I'll just start!  (See I took the word screw out because I was afraid you wouldn't approve.)  Oh, well, I'll just start.

Discussion at Georgia Galleria

The other night I lead a small discussion about my work at Georgia Galleria in Vallejo.  The point of the talk was what was going through my head when I painted a piece called "The Election".  I started it before election night, and, as results came in, it got darker and darker.  I knew it couldn't stay s.... brown, so I worked it to a livable shade of purple with some light that offered hope.  The discussion moved on to whether I plan my work in advance (I don't), and whether I pay attention to composition and color (I do).  The evening was gratifying that others were interested in my work.

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