For most of my life, I have tried to differentiate myself from the herd with humor and hard work. I had no idea how important art would become in my life until I retired. I joined my experience with computers and art to obtain a Graphic Design certification.

Creating art from an emotional place can be a good thing, but the downside of working without a plan is that I sometimes wind up with too much intensity in my work. I need to tone down some areas to make natural places for the eye to rest. 

Making a good abstract painting is hard work. I am trying to learn that my art is a process and what I create may not be perfect.  I try to accept this and continue to put my work out anyway, knowing that some people will not understand it.  Some see what I see, and that is enough.  This feeds my passion to do more.

I am currently using a 'pour paint' technique.  Pour painting is an innovative way to use acrylic paints to create an art piece. Instead of using tools like brushes or knives to create a piece of art, fluid paints can be poured directly onto the surface and the canvas tilted to move the paint around.

When I first started taking art classes, I spent a lot of time with an elderly Japanese lady who taught calligraphy. She called me Patso-san. My logo is her calligraphic version of this nickname and I generally use it to sign my paintings.

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